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Gladiator armor

The retiarius gladiator was one of the most recognisable fighters of the ancient roman Colosseum. If you are thinking that this equipment seems almost more like that of a fisherman than a gladiator then you would be correct. In opposition with many Roman gladiators that where styled after military combinations or groups of people, the retiarii was in fact based on the role of a fisherman. Of course in ancient Rome life was simpler than nowadays and fishing played a large part in daily life, the Romans took this daily task and made it something common folk could get behind, you can just image the legions of local fisherman all rallying behind the retiarius gladiator.

Necesitar de alguien

Feliz domingo y buen inicio de semana. Hola Amigo Yael, Saludos, una vez mas retorno al space, y por que no tambien al vuestro, para seguir leyendo de las reflexiones que presentas y temas de interes para compartir, como este tema el cual presentas, que tengas una agradable semana llena de paz, saludos amigo. De los que vemos con poca frecuencia y de los que raras veces nos acordamos, etc. Recibir nuevas entradas por email.

Train drawing

A coupling or a coupler is a mechanism used to connect rolling stock in a train. The design of the coupler is standard, and is almost as important as the track gaugesince flexibility and convenience are maximised if all rolling stock can be coupled together. The equipment that connects the couplings to the rolling stock is known as the draft gear or draw gear. Compatible and similar couplings or couplers are frequently referred to using widely differing make, brand, regional or nicknames, which can make describing standard or typical designs confusing.